2 min readNov 7, 2020

News does not come from the skies, neither does it grow in the soil. It comes from the surface of the earth where life exists in different form-from microorganisms to human beings.

People in all their disturbing, challenging, and troubled times pray with their faces turned upward. With the digital evolution, the gaze of the people shifted to a computer screen, mobile screen. People are getting news at every click or every tap on the mobile screen. The news thus received is laced with an advertisement.

Politicians, celebrities, criminals, businessman mainly remain at the centre of the news universe. Art, literature, culture, science, education, natural disaster, finance also occupy some space in the news. A Common man with an indomitable spirit free from the manipulative acts, gossiping, show-biz rarely becomes the stuff for news.

It is wealthy and wise- wise because they know how to multiply their fame and influence with wealth dominates the whole business of news.

Let us attempt to understand news in its various facets. The news in the years of its innocence was only lead and body. Commercial interest exploited news of its innocence. Today we have news with views, news analysis. Tomorrow we may have the trial in the news, the voice of the news etc.

Due to easy availability of various social media platforms, the news keeps on traveling faster from the length and breadth of the globe. It becomes difficult to identify whether the news is a real, fact-based or distorted picture, fake news. There is a lot of scopes to doubt the authenticity of the news. Is it the cultivation of dominant image pattern ? Has the news become a carrier for advertisement ?

Those who sit in a well-lighted, well- carpeted room bring before you the agendas set by their masters. They are not concerned with the content rather the objectivity. Their whole concern is to please their masters.

We are witnessing a difficult time in the Covid 19 period. covid has shaken the world. covid has changed the history of the world. The social, psychological, and economic consequences of Covid will be long-lasting. Against this scenario, it would be unwise to spend your precious time, energy for something called news.

What is significant in your life is food which comes from the soil, your work, your family. Enjoy life with them and keep away from the news.




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